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What does Deal Global do?


Deal Global Communication produces dynamic, entertaining, and informative media-–allowing viewers to enjoy and learn at the same time. We also provide workshops, training, and consulting services that focus on increasing the effectiveness of global businesses and other organizations.

Highly effective communication is an essential skill in business. In today’s global and diverse marketplace, we must all communicate with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Deal Global provides the tools and insights to help make such communication more effective.




Based on clients’ needs, we identify the tools or concepts most useful for each situation. We then design appropriate media or instruction in consultation with organizational leaders.

The services we provide range from large scale media programs to one-time short videos to engaging and interactive workshops. More details about our services can be found on the Services page.





We believe in creating media that inspires and raises the human condition–-that allows us to be the best we can be and see the best in other people.

In terms of workshops, we believe in the ideals of (1) highly effective, learner-centered training, (2) the right of every person to work in a positive, supportive environment, and (3) the value of developing an understanding of others, including people from different cultural backgrounds.


Our workshops are designed to give participants an opportunity to explore and discuss new ideas, learn from one another, and provide specific action steps to follow after the session is over.


We also know that genuine respect and understanding for others is good for business. We help participants recognize cultural differences that make a difference and help them develop strategies for effective communication.



What are your areas of specialization?


Our primary areas of specialization are communication and culture. Within those areas, we specialize in intercultural communication in business, including the film and TV industries; video production; the training of trainers; communicating with Chinese people; pre-departure and reentry training; training design; and designing and delivering training for global and multi-cultural audiences.



Why is it called "Deal" Global Communication?


That's because it was founded by and is managed by Christopher Deal (his bio).


How can I find out more?


Feel free to explore the site or contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.