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Training Design Across Cultures

Designing Training for Participants

from China, India, and Mexico


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Training Design Across Cultures, by author Christopher Deal, Ph.D., is already helping trainers, teachers, and instructional designers design instruction that is uniquely effective for particular cultural groups. Based on original research, this doctoral dissertation assembles, organizes, and presents the collected knowledge of more than 80 experienced trainers and teachers. It can help anyone tasked with designing and/or delivering instruction for people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Training Design Across Cultures introduces a new framework for designing training across cultures and illustrates the use of the framework with sample training designs and guidelines for each cultural group. The sample training designs can be adapted for many different topics, fields, and industries.


Each chapter begins with a vignette that provides context and background for the chapter in terms of real people and real problems. Each vignette is connected with the others, weaving a common thread throughout the book. (Check back here for sample pages, coming soon.)



From the back cover:


Highly-effective training has a vital role to play in the current and future development of organizations worldwide. To an ever-increasing degree, training designers are called upon to design training for participants from different cultural backgrounds than their own.


Therefore, more and more trainers are asking questions such as:

Training Design Across Cultures provides answers to each of these questions.



Here’s what readers are saying:


Christopher Deal's research was an incredible asset to me during my time as a training developer within a corporate training department in China. As a U.S. American designing soft skills training for a Chinese audience, I struggled to find resources to help me adapt my training design for my cultural audience. I was able to substantially improve the effectiveness of my training through the concepts and methodologies provided in Dr. Deal's work. The cultural impact upon learning needs cannot be underestimated and therefore, I highly recommend this work to anyone who is challenged to design training for multicultural audiences.

Katherine Strous, Learning Consultant, Air France-KLM



The framework presented in Training Design Across Cultures has been called "a powerful heuristic tool" capable of guiding trainers in their design work.

Judith Ponticell, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of South Florida.



“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop (based on the research presented in the book) and will use some of the ideas – particularly linking beliefs about teaching and learning to cultural values and assumptions – in my own courses. Well done.”

Pauline Leonard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership, Louisiana Tech University



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