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Intercultural / Cross-Cultural Communication Resources


The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC), hosted by the Intercultural Communication Institute, is an extraordinary institute attended by participants from business, academia, government, and other realms. Held every summer in Portland, Oregon, this institute is more like a business/intellectual summer camp than a conference. SIIC creates a wonderful atmosphere for intercultural learning, providing not only professional workshops, but also multiple opportunities for meeting people interested in culture-related issues.


The University of New Mexico's Department of Communication & Journalism, often called the "Harvard of Intercultural Communication studies," offers one of the most rigorous and finest Ph.D. programs in the world, with a specific focus on Intercultural Communication. It was ranked the #1 Ph.D. program in Intercultural Communication by U.S. News & World Report.


SIETAR, the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research, is a professional organization for practitioners and academics working in intercultural settings.


SIETAR-USA is the SIETAR association in the United States. It is the premier professional association in the U.S. devoted specifically to intercultural issues. Christopher Deal currently serves on the Board of Directors.


The International Journal of Intercultural Relations is one of the foremost professional journals devoted to intercultural issues. Note: Subscribers to the Journal who are SIETAR members receive a substantial discount on their subscription.


Intercultural Press offers a wide variety of books on intercultural topics, as well as a number of quality videos.


Intermundo is an online culture network.


Dr. Edward T. Hall, the founder of the modern field of intercultural communication, has written a remarkably insightful and very readable book called Beyond Culture, which is often recommended by Christopher Deal to businesspeople and students alike. Although it was published a number of years ago, it still rings true. It is considered one of the most important classic works in the field of intercultural communication.

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Beyond Culture