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Media Production


Deal Global Communication produces media on a variety of topics, including communication in global business settings and education. Our scope includes content for television, training videos, informational videos, and promotional videos. Popular titles include “Communicating with the Chinese” and “Interactive Training and Teaching Methods.”

We produce media of high-grade professional quality–-high resolution and high definition. Our final products are distributed in a wide variety of formats, including for the web and mobile devices as well as Blu-ray and DVD.

In terms of promotional videos, we produce videos made-to-order for organizations who want to present a polished, professional image in introducing themselves, their products, or their services worldwide.

At Deal Global Communication, we also design and produce training and instructional videos according to client needs. We make sure the materials we create are lively, humorous if possible, and engaging, similar to our workshops and seminars.

If you have any questions about our media production services, please contact us.



Workshops and Seminars


Deal Global Communication provides a variety of workshops and seminars on topics related to communication, culture, business, and film. The overall objective of the majority of our workshops is improving your ability to operate in a global environment.


Our workshops are designed to be engaging and practical. They include both theory and application and are specific to each audience’s needs and interests. Each workshop is quite interactive, giving participants a chance to exchange ideas and experiences with one another.


For workshop topics, please see the Workshops page. For more information, please contact us.






Our training covers the same types of topics as our workshops and seminars but is mostly done in-house with a particular organization. One of the advantages over workshops is that the objectives, strategy, methods, and content can all be adapted and tailored specifically for the organization’s industry and sector, organizational culture, and the needs and strengths of participants.


If you’re interested in having any of our workshops or seminars brought in-house in your organization, please contact us for a free consultation.






In many organizations, consulting is the only intervention necessary to diagnose and solve problems related to global effectiveness. In others, our work with an organization begins with consulting and goes on to include training and other interventions as necessary.


Of the three types of services offered, consulting is the one most tailored to specific and unique needs and strengths. For more information on our consulting services, please contact us.