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Avinash Thombre


Avinash Thombre, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he has taught since 2004. His research and teaching areas are in health communication, the impact of new technologies on health message dissemination, health-related transformative experiences, and entertainment education. In addition, he has published four scholarly articles, one book chapter, and several technical reports.


Dr. Thombre received his B.Sc. and M.S. in Communication from Bangalore University, India, and his Ph.D. degree in Communication from the University of New Mexico. He is fascinated by human communication practices and wants to study the subject throughout his career. He believes communicative behavior is basic to human activity and is important for individual development, interpersonal enhancement, and the functioning of political, economic, cultural, and social institutions. Thus, he critically studies communicative behavior with the goal of understanding the structure, patterns, and effects of human communication and of facilitating a higher quality of communication for both individuals and society.


As a researcher, Dr. Thombre’s main areas of focus are Health Communication, New Technologies and Intercultural Communication. He is interested in using the Internet and new technologies to initiate health behavior change. His future research agenda will involve (1) the social impact of new media technologies, with particular emphasis on health; (2) the convergence of new communication technologies and their impact on identity, culture and health; and (3) alternative perspectives on communication theories.


At the University of New Mexico, Dr. Thombre’s dissertation focused on the investigation of message effectiveness of cancer websites. The dissertation research was directed by Distinguished Professor Everett M. Rogers—famous for his work on Diffusion of Innovations. The dissertation identified useful web-site message development variables by undertaking a content analysis and tested effectiveness of cancer web-site message variables by conducting a randomized trial.


Dr. Thombre is married, has a son and a daughter, and likes to do country biking, swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. He relishes in engaging in scholarly research and being open to new ideas. Teaching and working with students is very close to his heart.